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BigPanda Event Enrichment Engine Supercharges Insights That Accelerate Incident Response and Increase Uptime

BigPanda Event Enrichment Engine Supercharges Insights That Accelerate Incident Response and Increase Uptime
Cross-domain Enrichment Improves Accuracy of Event Correlation and Serves as Linchpin for AIOps Automation

BigPanda, Inc., the leader in Event Correlation and Automation powered by AIOps, today revealed the power of its Event Enrichment Engine that enriches raw alerts with rich topological and operational context to create high-quality incidents. This key capability of BigPanda’s AIOps platform moves organizations beyond simple alert noise to turbocharging the effectiveness of event correlation, root cause analysis, and automation.

Many organizations are investing in AIOps to sift through and correlate alerts across observability and monitoring platforms to detect incidents in real-time before an incident turns into an outage. Unfortunately, many AIOps tools fail to convert raw alerts into context-rich, high-quality incidents because of their inability to easily tap and parse into all sources of contextual data that can be added to incidents as context, at scale.

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“Many AIOps projects fail to live up to their promise because alerts don’t get enriched with operational, topological or other contextual data, making it difficult to separate noisy alerts from meaningful alerts, and then eliminate the noise,” said Elik Eizenberg, co-founder and CTO at BigPanda. “Our Event Enrichment Engine is critical to improving NOC productivity and L1 resolution rates by correlating interrelated alerts into context-rich, high-quality incidents that easily describe what the problem is, what’s causing it, and what action to take.”

Cross-domain enrichment ingests and aggregates messy data across fragmented tools covering observability, monitoring, change and topology systems. These alerts are enriched with the collected topological and operational information across all technology domains, which is the linchpin for AI/ML to detect incidents in real-time as they form, surface probable root cause, and kickoff automatic workflows.

Gartner’s report “Solution Path for Adopting AIOps” by Gregory Murray states, “Effective correlation requires an understanding of the informational and resource dependencies between IT assets…The combination of time- and topology-based correlation gives AIOps event correlation extraordinary effectiveness in recognizing which events can reasonably be grouped into a single event for triage.”

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“BigPanda’s Event Enrichment Engine helps structure our event data and adds more context to alerts for our Operations team to triage issues quickly and achieve better alert compression rates,” said Samy Senthivel, Senior Digital Enterprise Monitoring Services Manager at Autodesk. “The element tagging capabilities within the Event Enrichment Engine also provide a clear correlation across events based on service topology and relationships.”

Capabilities of BigPanda’s Event Enrichment Engine include the ability to:

  • Extract context buried inside incoming data streams and use it to enrich alerts
  • Add topology data from external sources, including asset, inventory, orchestration, APM, configuration management and CMDB sources
  • Configure, monitor and modify enrichment logic within a drag-and-drop UI
  • Perform millions of enrichment actions every day

On July 29 at 10 a.m. PT, join this webinar to learn how BigPanda customers, including Waste Management and others, leverage powerful enrichment capabilities to improve the quality of their AIOps initiatives.

For more information on BigPanda’s Event Enrichment Engine. And to download a whitepaper on enrichment for faster event correlation and root cause analysis.

Why BigPanda
BigPanda keeps businesses running with AI that transforms IT data into insight and action. With BigPanda, businesses prevent IT outages, improve incident management and deliver incredible customer experiences.

Without BigPanda, IT Ops, NOC, and DevOps teams struggle with manual and reactive incident response capabilities that are badly suited for the scale, complexity and velocity of modern IT environments. This results in painful outages, unhappy customers, growing IT headcount and the inability to focus on innovation.

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