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Thundercomm Launches New Edge Products at CES 2022

Thundercomm Launches New Edge Products at CES 2022

Thundercomm, the world-leading IoT product and solution provider, enriched its existing edge computing product and solution line-ups, with three latest strategic products: Edge AI Box EB2, EB6, and ModelFarm, to empower customers worldwide to realize their digitalization and intellectualization.

Thundercomm EBX family born for edge computing

Thundercomm EBX Edge AI Boxes are designed for diversified edge computing demands from varied vertical fields. To maintain the strong momentum brought by the launch of EB5, which has been wildly applied in various scenarios such as smart city, smart factory, smart building, Thundercomm introduces two more Edge AI Box: EB2 and EB6 for different market segments.

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Thundercomm EB2 Edge AI box features cost-effectiveness, and can deliver 1.7 TOPS AI capability with up to 6 channels FHD video processing capability. Its industrial quality, compact size, fan-less design and plentiful interface, make it fit well into complex and harsh working environments and can be applied to many industrial and business fields such as digital signage, smart access, shortage detection, people counting as well as some smart scenarios including smart building and smart retail. Besides, the built-in OSware.Edge framework enables EB2 to connect with various devices, such as cameras, NVRs, access control easily, and achieve remote upgrade of firmware, algorithms and applications efficiently through the synergy among devices, edge and clouds.

Thundercomm EB6 Edge AI box, maintaining all the advantages from EB2, has dramatically improved its AI capability. On the basis of its own 15TOPS, EB6 can achieve up to 70 TOPS with an external accelerator card, which can meet all demands from high-frequency and fast AI analysis scenarios including medical image analysis, radar-vision fusion computing in the scene of vehicle-road collaboration and the standardized operating process analysis in factory.

What’s more, Thundercomm EBX family supports the leading cloud platforms, including AWS IoT Greengrass, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud etc. This not only makes it possible to simplify the edge intelligence, but also accelerates the industrial digital transformation.PREDICTIONS SERIES 2022

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ModelFarm, one-stop AI training platform

ModelFarm is a one-stop AI training platform for industrial customers. It provides comprehensive AI model lifecycle management and services, covering data management, data labeling, model training evaluation, online testing, and model downloading. ModelFarm effectively supports intelligent data analysis scenarios and empowers customers to realize the AI upgrading and digital transformation.

ModelFarm is easy to use, and its no-code development feature accelerates the model training. The ModelFarm system comes with at least 50 pre-trained models for customers to choose from, or to adjust the parameter configuration according to the actual application. All the ModelFarm models have version backtracking and reuse functions on board. In addition, ModelFarm also supports privatized deployment and multiple engine frameworks such as TFLite, SNPE, TensorRT, and OpenVINO.

Industry analysts predicted that 75% of data created in 2023 will be outside of data center and more than 50% of those data will be processed, stored and analyzed at the edge that is closer to the data to deliver the right latency, bandwidth, reliability, security and privacy for a wide variety of uses in many markets.

Thundercomm has long been committed to the development of edge computing, and devoted to providing global customers the comprehensive technologies and solutions covering cloud, edge, ends and applications, including EBX Edge AI Boxes for high performance computing, OSware.edge for IoT management, IoT Harbor for cloud management, ModelFarm algorithms store, as well as cameras, SDK, algorithms and solutions.

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