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ChaosSearch Data Lake Platform is First to Unlock JSON Files for Analytics at Scale

ChaosSearch Data Lake Platform is First to Unlock JSON Files for Analytics at Scale
New JSON Flex capability delivers first-to-market, scalable, cloud-native solution for efficiently capturing insights from JSON log files

ChaosSearch announced JSON Flex , a powerful new capability that delivers a first-of-its-kind, scalable, cloud-native solution for analyzing JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) log files. The ChaosSearch Data Lake Platform can now help data engineers reduce the cost, complexity and time associated with accessing and analyzing complex nested JSON files. The company will demonstrate these enhancements at AWS re:Invent, taking place November 29 to December 3 in Las Vegas.

The JSON file format has become a standard for logging, and it’s common for data engineers to have heavily nested JSON within custom logs like CloudTrail and Sidecar. However, the JSON format requires significant preparation and transformation to present it for analysis – and the flattening of JSON can result in exploding data volume growth. These issues often prohibit companies from making JSON files available for on-demand analytics. Data engineers have limited options: they can either exclude and/or transform JSON via complicated data pipelines where such pipelines need to be revisited if requirements change; or at worst, fully expand all the JSON permutations upfront with the drawback of data explosion. These options create challenges for the business analysts who want access to all of the data and the ability to experiment with various searches as part of their analysis.PREDICTIONS SERIES 2022

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To solve these challenges, ChaosSearch has created JSON Flex, which allows organizations to store all their JSON content and analyze it, as if structured, at different permutations and nested levels. ChaosSearch enables organizations to both keep and analyze all data efficiently and compactly without losing fidelity of insights. Customers can use the patented Chaos Refinery to expand and explore all JSON data virtually and instantly on the fly, regardless of size or query structure. JSON Flex eliminates the time sensitive process of data preparation, and individuals outside of IT can access critical insights that drive business decisions.

With JSON Flex, users can:

Store “all logs” in full native format
Index “all content” of a JSON file at once
Create “index views” dynamically to explore JSON without limitations

“Until the introduction of JSON Flex, there hasn’t been a scalable analytics solution for complex, nested JSON files,” said Thomas Hazel, CTO, Founder and Chief Scientist, ChaosSearch. “Organizations have been forced to rely on static, limited views of their data that ultimately lead to less valuable insights. We’re unlocking that data and democratizing it for the masses by delivering a platform that can automatically index and present all the data at once — making it easier to search, understand and leverage for business insights.”

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