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Next Pathway Announces New Capabilities to Crawler360 and SHIFT to Accelerate Migration From Hadoop to the Cloud

Next Pathway Announces New Capabilities to Crawler360 and SHIFT to Accelerate Migration From Hadoop to the Cloud

Enhanced Features Allow Enterprises to Automatically Migrate From Legacy Data Lakes to Desired Cloud Platforms

Next Pathway Inc., the Automated Cloud Migration company, announced enhanced capabilities within SHIFT MigrationSuite and Crawler360, allowing enterprises to automatically migrate from Apache Hadoop to their desired cloud targets, such as Snowflake and Azure Synapse.

Next Pathway‘s industry-leading automation software enables organizations to accelerate their migrations and quickly get off Hadoop,” said Chetan Mathur, Chief Executive Officer of Next Pathway. “Automation through Crawler360  and  SHIFT provides a solution for the most complex parts of a migration from Hadoop – planning and execution.”

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This next-generation version of Crawler360 supports automated data discovery and optimization analysis of Hadoop‘s unwieldy ecosystem of tools and applications. It scans various legacy applications and code types within Hadoop to quickly define the right migration approach.

SHIFT supports the ability to automatically translate complex legacy code types within the Hadoop ecosystems, including Hive, Impala and Spark, to any cloud platform, such as Snowflake, Azure Synapse, Google BigQuery, and Amazon Web Services.

Crawler360 and  SHIFT give organizations the most cost-efficient, fast, and intelligent migration path off of Hadoop.

Solving the Hadoop Challenge 

Hadoop data lakes were initially considered the “holy grail” of big data analytics. However, in short order these data lakes became a dumping ground for data that both lacked governance and the ability to perform complex data science or analytics, while generating exorbitant costs for storage and compute.

“From siloed data to redundant datasets to ungoverned data, Hadoop has never lived up to its promise of an efficient and cost-effective data management and analytics solution,” said Mathur. “The cloud is the answer. The cloud is able to store, manage and activate massive volumes of data to optimize business. It delivers real operational benefits. A migration off of Hadoop and to the cloud is a commitment by organizations to modernize their data analytics capabilities.”

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But the migration to the cloud from Hadoop data lakes can be a difficult undertaking, causing companies to remain bogged down in their “data swamp.”  Until recently, the primary method available to companies looking to migrate to the cloud from Hadoop was the use of offshore labor, typically offered by large global system integrators. Teams of developers were then required to manually rewrite this code to more modern architectures that run in the cloud. This approach is costly, slow and risky, and can leave the customer without the output necessary for business intelligence.

Next Pathway‘s automated solution provides customers with a streamlined, cost-effective, and low-risk method to migrate from Hadoop and onto the cloud, without interrupting or distributing critical business functions.

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