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Toshiba’s New Simulation Technology For Model-based Development Shortens Verification Times For Automotive Semiconductors By About 90 Percent

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Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has developed a model-based development (MBD) simulation technology that shortens verification times for automotive semiconductors by about 90 percent. The...
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Klas Government Launches Voyager 6: Enabling Tactical Edge Comms With No Military Vehicle Modifications

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Breakthrough Power Chassis Meets Standardized a-Kit / Vehicle Envelope (Save) Specifications for Tactical Comms’ Size, Weight and Power (Swap) On Military Vehicle ‘Radio Shelf’ Klas...
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Storj Enables Free Decentralized, Automated Video Streaming and Management For Tesla Vehicle Footage Using Open Source Software And Storj DCS

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Tesla Drivers Can Now Use Storj DCS to Programatically Host Dashcam and Sentry Mode Video For Easier Storage, Sharing, and Streaming Storj presented an integration that...