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As Market Shifts from On-Premise Call Center Technology, PerfectServe Invests Heavily in Modern, Cloud-Based Solution

As Market Shifts from On-Premise Call Center Technology, PerfectServe Invests Heavily in Modern, Cloud-Based Solution

Part of company’s mission to accelerate speed to care by seamlessly connecting providers and patients with better technology

PerfectServe, a leading provider of clinical collaboration and provider scheduling solutions, announced plans to invest heavily in its cloud-based call center solution as the market shifts away from legacy on-premise systems that no longer align with long-term organizational strategies related to modernizing communications and patient access.

“The consumerization trend in healthcare is knocking on the call center’s door, and PerfectServe is positioned to lead the market by uniting our expertise in care team communication and clinical workflows with patient experiences that are intuitive and satisfying,” said PerfectServe CEO Guillaume Castel. “Call center technology in our industry has languished for far too long, and it’s past time to give patients better options for real-time communication with their providers using a modern solution that is integrated into the larger communication ecosystem.”

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In healthcare, the call center—which is often the first stop on the patient’s journey—can set the tone for the entire patient-provider relationship, and it’s perhaps the most critical communication bridge between patients and their care teams. But as health systems and technology companies work on both ends of the communication spectrum to improve team collaboration and patient outreach, the call system in the middle is often neglected. The results? Dropped calls, transfer misfires, inefficient phone tag, excessive on-hold times, and missed opportunities to engage with patients.

PerfectServe’s fully integrated, cloud-based call center solution solves these problems by seamlessly connecting patients and providers. The console’s unified interface allows call center agents and operators within a healthcare system’s call center to handle inbound calls and access critical information from clinical and IT systems in real time. Agents can also:

  • Join virtual queues from any location to service inbound patient and clinician calls.
  • View patient care team members and contact clinicians instantly.
  • Locate on-call physicians without looking at paper schedules.
  • Engage with patients and their family members or caregivers via text message or voice call.
  • Access patient data at any time via integration with leading EHR systems.
  • Easily see call queues, active calls, parked callers, and call history.

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PerfectServe is the only vendor on the market that offers full call center capability using a cloud delivery model as part of a broader healthcare communication platform. The solution is also capable of tightly integrating with other clinical, IT, and telecom technology. This means all communication happens within a single platform that readily ingests information from other critical systems, thereby boosting satisfaction, reliability, and ease of use for hospital operators, clinicians, and patients alike.

“Many hospitals still struggle to integrate their dated call center technology with other systems—texting and scheduling solutions, patient records, clinical directories, and more. This leads to inefficient workarounds,” said PerfectServe Chief Product Officer Ben Moore. “The call center market is telling us that it’s ripe for disruption, and PerfectServe has the resources, experience, and innovative technology to modernize this space by removing silos and unifying all communication channels.”

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