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Mitiga Releases Cloud Incident Readiness and Response Solution for Ransomware Attacks

Mitiga Releases Cloud Incident Readiness and Response Solution for Ransomware Attacks

Mitiga, the cloud incident response company, released the first Ransomware Readiness solution for the cloud to increase resilience to ransomware. This technology and services solution enables organizations to optimize their readiness and resilience for cloud ransomware attacks and to respond and recover effectively when attacks occur.

Ransomware attacks are on the rise worldwide, increasing in complexity as cyberattackers adapt to defensive strategies. Recent research by SonicWall shows that ransomware attacks reached 304.7 million attacks in the first half of 2021, exceeding the 304.6 million attacks logged in all of 2020. Attackers encrypt and delete backups, exfiltrate and sell data, and even sell access to compromised environments. This increasing complexity means that ransomware negotiations require comprehensive investigation to determine the scope of the attack, how to best respond to it, and how to block attackers from repeating an attack.PREDICTIONS SERIES 2022

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To address this evolving challenge, Mitiga developed Ransomware Readiness based on research into the cloud providers and their respective services, including how data is accessed, stored, and encrypted. Ransomware Readiness helps enterprises prepare and respond better when ransomware attacks occur in cloud environments, informing faster recovery and aiding a rapid return to business as usual. Ransomware Readiness provides customers with the peace of mind that if cybercriminals attack their essential services in the cloud, incident response and investigation can begin in hours, not days.

Ransomware Readiness includes:

  • Customized collection of the unique data necessary to investigate and respond to cloud ransomware incidents
  • Rapid assessment of the scope of the ransomware attack, enabling executive teams to manage related risks promptly
  • Technical analyses of how data in the cloud could be encrypted, stolen, deleted, and held ransom
  • An executive readiness drill and a functional exercise designed to test key organizational ransomware response capabilities

“As with all cybersecurity threats, ransomware has become more sophisticated over the last two decades,” said Ariel Parnes, Mitiga Co-Founder and COO. “And as more and more companies migrate to the cloud, it becomes increasingly complex for them to navigate today’s dangerous threat landscape.”

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Instead of fighting against the extreme pressure of having 48 hours or less to respond to a ransomware attack, Ransomware Readiness subscribers have both the historic forensic data needed to analyze an attack quickly and an incident response team comprising both their internal resources and Mitiga experts poised to investigate. This allows ransomware victims to negotiate from a position of knowledge instead of desperation, armed with the details of what data the attackers accessed, encrypted, and exfiltrated.

It’s essential to quickly assess the scope of a ransomware attack so that executive teams can make informed decisions and manage any related risks promptly, such as notifying the appropriate regulatory authorities, customers, clients, and the public, if necessary.

Making those decisions without sufficient information makes it impossible to maintain the confidence of the boards of directors, shareholders, and customers, and may lead to unnecessary ransomware payments and notifications. Providing leadership teams with the information and response experiences through readiness exercises needed to make quick decisions can mean the difference between a minor incident and a crisis.

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