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Snaplogic Reveals How Data Integration Transforms Healthcare Organisations

Snaplogic Reveals How Data Integration Transforms Healthcare Organisations

AstraZenica, Magellan Health and Illumina leverage SnapLogic’s self-service, AI-powered integration platform to help transform the future of health care

The pandemic has acted as a fierce catalyst for change. It’s strong-armed industries across the globe to break up with the past and embrace a world of new. Nowhere is that more evident than in health care. 

According to a recent KPMG study, 62% of CEOs from leading public and private healthcare providers say they were already undertaking substantial change prior to the pandemic. 97% agree that COVID has significantly accelerated those change agendas. And the vast majority (79%) believe that, within the next three years, all aspects of care delivery models will be transformed and significant obstacles and challenges are ahead. 

The following companies are delivering the future of health care with intelligent integration and automation. They serve as the benchmark for others, inspiring a revolution across the health landscape. 

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As pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca embarked on new cloud-first initiatives, IT needed to bring numerous apps and data sources together with a globally available, self-service integration platform that could be used by distributed teams with minimal corporate support or intervention. The company needed a comprehensive platform to execute more than 300 integrations in just one year. 

To achieve this scale with a lean central IT team, following a “do more with less” principle, AstraZeneca sought out a simple, but powerful integration solution – one that could easily be used by hundreds of staff outside IT who were anything but integration experts. With SnapLogic, AstraZeneca was able to integrate numerous applications, systems and technologies across cloud platforms and its own on-premises investments with impressive scale. 


  • 100+ integrations completed within six months
  • 300+ integrations completed within one year
  • 4X faster development and integration of Salesforce
  • Self-service integration powers 500+ users across the organisation 

Magellan Health 

The mission at leading healthcare provider Magellan Health was clear: deliver innovative products and services that resulted in business outcomes that were 10x greater than competitors by using breakthrough organisational techniques and modern exponential technologies. 

With entrenched competitors up to 30 times larger than Magellan, and a diverse and growing customer base that expected exceptional services without cost increases, Magellan’s IT team set out to transform the company’s IT operations and pave the path to the connected enterprise. 

Magellan Health enabled enterprise automation, via SnapLogic, at the center of its transformation, tackling five strategic – and ambitious – initiatives: Modernisation, B2B Integration, SaaS Connectivity, Automation and Big Data. 


  • Automated end-to-end HR processes on employee onboarding, triggering up to 20 automated workflows, provisioning everything from user ID and application access to the procurement of laptops and other equipment and more 
  • Automated repetitive tasks of its medical pharmacy business that manages prior authorisations of specialty drugs for its members, replacing a source -, time-, code-intensive process with a real-time automated pipeline 
  • Integrated more than 20 SaaS applications, including Workday, ServiceNow, Okta, and more. Put more than 100 pipelines into production in record time 
  • Kept IT resources and budgets flat while the company more than doubled revenues 

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The leading biotechnology company Illumina develops and manufactures innovative technologies for large-scale analysis of genetic variation and function. The company embarked on its cloud-first journey with the goal of moving more applications to the cloud, including Workday, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Concur and others. Its technology stack included many cloud applications as well as legacy, on-premises applications that were sprawled across the enterprise. 

To successfully achieve its cloud-first initiative, the company needed to modernise its legacy integrations. However, its legacy integration tool wasn’t equipped to support integrations for cloud applications. This stalled its cloud strategy. After deploying SnapLogic, Illumina quickly retired its legacy applications and modernised legacy integrations. 


  • 10X faster in delivering integrations compared to legacy integrations
  • Eliminated bottlenecks and pressure from small IT Team
  • Optimised confidence in data and analytics, enabling swift decision-making
  • Connected applications across departments 

Intelligent integration: the superpower of modern health care

James Campbell, Regional Manager, Australia & New Zealand at SnapLogic says better outcomes in health care as well as faster, more streamlined research, innovation, greater efficiencies, improved revenues and enhanced staff satisfaction are all on the other side of intelligent integration.

“Today, patients engage with their healthcare providers across multiple channels. From outpatient and inpatient procedures to virtual check-ups and medicine pickups, patient information is created or updated in multiple systems,” he states. “While having all of this data available is a step in the right direction; If these systems are not integrated, healthcare providers lack a complete view of each of their patient’s medical conditions, medical history, risk factors and treatments.”

“Intelligent integration platforms like SnapLogic help address these issues by providing the tools necessary to connect various cloud, on-premises and hybrid software applications and data sources.”

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