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South Africa’s Vox Chooses Minim Cloud Software To Deliver Its Next-Gen Home WiFi Experience

Excitel Broadband Unites With Aprecomm To Revolutionize Internet Experiences

Leading regional service provider will use Minim software platform to manage and secure subscriber networks with MikroTik routers and power the Vox Wi-Fi Home Manager App

Minim, Inc, the creator of innovative internet access products, announced that Vox has chosen Minim’s AI-driven cloud software platform, mobile app, and customer care portal to underpin the Vox Wi-Fi Home Manager, an easy to use mobile app offering full Wi-Fi management, visibility, threat detection and device management. Wi-Fi Home Manager will initially be available to all Vox customers with the MikroTik hAP AC ² router, a popular choice for home WiFi in South Africa, and bundled in with all Fiber To The Home (FTTH) sales. The Vox network targets 400,000 FTTH subscribers, aiming to become one of the region’s largest broadband service providers in the next few years.

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“Minim provides a cost-effective solution for smart, secure, easy-to-use Wi-Fi,” said Mike Kuczmierczyk, Senior Product Manager for WiFi at Vox. “Their platform’s existing MikroTik integration enabled us to avoid additional hardware expenses and activate routers already in the field. Now, we can offer a mobile app to delight customers—as well as save customer support costs and avoid rolling trucks. It’s an exciting launch.”

Minim’s open-source approach to both embedded and cloud-hosted middleware accelerates time to market for both network operators and router manufacturers. The company’s middleware agent securely streams network telemetry to the Minim platform and requires as little as one tenth of the hardware memory and performance as competing solutions. This efficiency-by-design enables Minim to deliver application services on the low-cost hardware needed in emerging markets.

Minim’s commitment to freedom of hardware choice also means service providers can construct the network they deem best. Minim’s software currently integrates with device brands including ASUS, MikroTik, TP-Link, Zoom, and Motorola. Minim-enabled access points are rigorously tested to guarantee a high standard of performance on network throughout, packet handling stability, and WiFi performance.

The Vox WiFi Home Manager includes three Minim components that use AI to help network operators identify and manage devices, optimize network and secure subscribers:

  • A cloud middleware agent that communicates with MikroTik hAP AC ² to monitor and manage each customer’s WiFi network;
  • The Minim Cloud platform to collect and process real-time home network data with proprietary device fingerprinting technology; and
  • The Minim Care Portal, which allows Vox care representatives to view customer WiFi networks, historical activity, and health indicators for better support.

The mobile app, which will carry the Vox Telecom brand identity, helps customers:

  • Manage and share WiFi network credentials;
  • Identify and monitor devices on their network;
  • Check device usage and signal strength with historical data;
  • Protect against malware, network intrusions, and detect other threats; and
  • Create family profiles to supervise children’s activity and filter content.

“We are so thrilled to call Vox a customer,” said Minim SVP Sales John D’Amato. “From the moment we began collaborating on Vox Wi-Fi Home Manager, it was clear that they were committed to delivering exceptional value and quality for subscribers. Our team is excited about working with them in our ongoing efforts to advance our cloud driven applications.”

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