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Quantori Announces Powerful HPC Accelerator to Advance Biopharma R&D

Quantori Announces Powerful HPC Accelerator to Advance Biopharma R&D

Quantori, LLC, a leading global provider of data science and digital IT services for biopharma and healthcare, announced the launch of an HPC Accelerator to bring the power of High-Performance Computing to drug discovery and development. Leading pharmaceutical companies and research institutions rely on Quantori’s HPC expertise for key applications including binding prediction, virtual drug screening, molecular dynamics simulation, and protein folding.

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“HPC is a breakthrough for biopharma companies to compute vast amounts of data to unlock insights and create value,” said Richard Golob, CEO, Quantori. “Quantori’s unique combination of HPC experience, software engineering, and deep domain knowledge helps our clients solve complex and large-scale drug discovery computations rapidly and efficiently, whether on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.”

HPC is the application of “supercomputers” to computational problems that are too large or time-consuming to process by standard computers. Quantori’s HPC solutions include a new Computation Platform Accelerator for applications in genomics, CHIP-seq and RNA-seq, cell image analysis, CryoEM, and computational chemistry.

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“Quantori’s HPC Accelerator provides scientists with a convenient environment for advancing their early-stage research without having to focus on infrastructure, bridging the gap between science and IT,” explained Mikhail Serkov, Senior Director, HPC Services, Quantori. “The accelerator provides an extremely cost effective, versatile, and efficient R&D IT solution for pharmaceutical companies and biotech startups.”

Quantori’s HPC Accelerator helps decrease time-to-discovery and lower costs while maximizing performance, flexibility, and reliability for the most demanding life sciences workloads, enabling scientists to access and process immense volumes of data superfast in real time.

“We approached Quantori to help us manage our big data challenge of generating terabytes of CryoEM data every month. Our need was a computing infrastructure with expandable high-speed storage capable of distilling our CryoEM datasets into high-resolution protein structures,” said Bharat Reddy, Senior Scientist, Rectify Pharmaceuticals. He continued, “We are incredibly pleased with the results using Quantori’s solution. Being able to process multiple CryoEM datasets in parallel makes managing our constant influx of data possible. We are no longer limited computationally.”

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