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Kensu Announces the First O’Reilly Book on Data Observability, by Kensu’s Founder, Andy Petrella, to Help Data Teams Build Trustworthy End-To-End Data Solutions

Kensu Announces the First O’Reilly Book on Data Observability, by Kensu’s Founder, Andy Petrella, to Help Data Teams Build Trustworthy End-To-End Data Solutions

Kensu, the data observability company,  announced the launch of Fundamentals of Data Observability: Implement Trustworthy End-To-End Data Solutions, published by O’Reilly Media and available for free on This first data observability book, which sets the standard for data observability, empowers data teams to implement trustworthy, end-to-end data solutions by providing them with engineering best practices and practical use cases.

Data environments have become increasingly complex in recent years, increasing the occurrence of data issues, missing data or schema changes. This evolution forces data teams to waste up to 40% of their time deploying band-aid solutions, stopping them from scaling up data usage and producing new value. And despite these efforts, data incidents keep happening and lower not only the morale and reputation of the data teams but also impact business decisions, customer experience, and ultimately companies’ profitability.

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Fundamentals of Data Observability is the first O’Reilly book about data observability. It helps data teams understand what data observability is and how it can help them better understand their data usage, troubleshoot data incidents, and prevent them from propagating. The use cases detailed by the author, Andy Petrella, can immediately be put into practice so data teams can start observing their data and dramatically increase its reliability.

“Data teams are facing more and more data issues and waste time and energy firefighting them to limit their impact on the products that they deliver,” said the author and founder of Kensu, Andy Petrella. “We wanted to put concrete examples of solutions in their hands so they can start implementing data observability in their existing data stacks.”

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“This is a practical, informative, no-nonsense guide to the fundamentals of data observability.” – Joe Reis, CEO of Ternary Data.

In this O’Reilly book, readers will learn (how):

  • The core principles and benefits of Data Observability
  • To identify, troubleshoot, and prevent data issues
  • To implement observability in data projects
  • To create a trustable communication framework with data consumers
  • To educate peers about the benefits of Data Observability

Andy Petrella is the CPO and founder of Kensu, a data observability solution that helps data teams trust what they deliver and create more value from data.

Andy is an entrepreneur with a background in data mining, data engineering, and data science. He is known as an early evangelist of Apache Spark and the Spark Notebook creator in the data community.

Since 2015, Andy has been an O’Reilly instructor and author, including the first O’Reilly book about Data Observability: “Fundamentals of Data Observability.”

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