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Hammerspace Partners With Snowflake To Deliver Simplified Access To Unstructured Data In The Data Cloud

Hammerspace Partners With Snowflake To Deliver Simplified Access To Unstructured Data In The Data Cloud

Hammerspace, the storageless data company, announced a partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company, allowing customers to replicate file data into Snowflake, improving customer’s data accessibility, secure data sharing, and reducing storage maintenance to near-zero. Snowflake customers who deploy Hammerspace can greatly simplify their hybrid cloud NAS storage experience while reducing the overall cost of their file data.

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“Our customers increasingly want Snowflake to be the single source of truth for all of their data for governance, research, and analytics,” said Tarik Dwiek, Director of Technology Alliances for Snowflake. “While still in preview, the Hammerspace solution provides an intelligent, scalable, and easy way to get unstructured data into Snowflake that we believe will provide tremendous value for our customers.”

Hammerspace is proud to join the Snowflake Partner Network (SPN), unlocking the potential of the Data Cloud to serve customers who want to take advantage of Snowflake’s platform for their enterprise file data.

“We are excited to work with Snowflake to enable their customers to better store, access, govern and analyze unstructured data,” said Tony Asaro, SVP of Business Development for Hammerspace. “The combination of Snowflake and Hammerspace creates structure around unstructured data providing greater control and utility than ever before. It’s a real game-changer.”

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Cut the tethers of data gravity and stop worrying about storage

The Hammerspace approach to hybrid cloud NAS effectively makes data storageless. By using a global file system that instantly replicates metadata anywhere, regardless of infrastructure or geography, file data can be moved live and on-demand. This greatly reduces the cost of data sprawl, the complexity of traditional hybrid cloud NAS architectures, and the time IT spends on maintenance.

The Hammerspace global file system replicates file data from any source, via NFS and SMB protocols, to be viewable, accessible, and sharable through the Snowflake Data Cloud. It is then easy for customers to include file data for any of Snowflake’s core workloads: data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data sharing, or data applications. Additionally, Hammerspace imports customizable file metadata so users can run queries based on file names, MIME types, attributes, labels, or keywords.

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