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EIC Exploring with Intel the Commercial Demonstration of High Reliability Power with Long Duration Energy Storage

EIC Exploring with Intel the Commercial Demonstration of High Reliability Power with Long Duration Energy Storage

Energy Internet Corporation (EIC) announced it is working with Intel to explore developing a reference design architecture based on long-duration energy storage to enable and accelerate the adoption of sustainable carbon neutral computing in data centers. Long duration energy storage will provide more resilient and available carbon free renewable power to data centers, at costs lower than traditional designs today.

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Shankar Ramamurthy, EIC’s CEO said “EIC is pleased to work with Intel on addressing an important challenge – realizing sustainable carbon neutral operations for data centers.  Working with Intel, a technology leader in data center innovation, EIC will incorporate its SDM and LPHE technology into reference design architecture to offer a variety of energy storage offerings for different segments in the data center market.”

EIC’s sustainability goals include lower overall environmental impact, most importantly lowering the overall carbon footprint of data center operations, but also reducing water use.

The reference architecture will be tailored for different data center classes, such as, Remote/Edge, medium scale (up to 50MW) and Hyperscale (greater than 50MW). The reference architecture will make use of EIC’s zero-carbon long duration energy storage solution – over 10 days – to  enable data center operations to be powered by an entirely renewable 24X7 supply, with its patented Software Defined Machines and Liquid Piston Heat Engine Technology.

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“Over the decades, sustainability has been a corporate goal for many leading corporations, including cloud service providers who power the digital world,” said Mohan J. Kumar, Intel Fellow. “Achieving carbon free has proven to be an elusive goal for the industry, mostly due to lack of energy storage technologies that last over 24 hours and that are able to the overcome intermittency of green energy sources and the associated curtailment issues. Our exploration with EIC will tap Intel’s broad portfolio of sustainability technologies to explore new energy storage solutions using compressed air energy storage.”

Energy Internet Corporation (EIC) is a US-based energy technology company, with a solution for the lowest cost Power Plant providing continuous and high-quality power to a grid, using renewables as the sole power source. Its low-cost, weeks-long, Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES), stores power when in excess of consumption and delivers power during daily intermittencies as well as extended seasonal periods of renewable-power-deprivation. EIC uses off the shelf components in a novel combination, avoiding hardware development risks and costs that held back the success of earlier CAES initiatives.

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