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Secure Thingz and Intrinsic ID Partner to Ensure Supply Chains of Trust for the Embedded Industry

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Partnership to enable rapid development, implementation, and provisioning of unique and secure identity for IoT applications

Secure Thingz, an IAR Systems Group company delivering advanced development and provisioning platforms to secure the IoT, announced their partnership with Intrinsic ID, the leading provider of Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) security IP. By working together, the companies intend to provide strong integration of Intrinsic ID’s physical unclonable functions (PUF) within Secure Thingz development and provisioning solutions.

Establishing a supply chain of trust has never been more important as products and devices share sensitive information and provide vital services. With this partnership, companies will be able to develop products with unique identities and integrated confidentiality. This can then be carried through the entire development, manufacturing, and lifetime of a product through a secure microcontroller execution environment and an immutable boot path to a root of trust boot manager that verifies subsequent software before execution.Prediction Series Banner

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“Physical unclonable functions are vital components in many modern devices, with leading vendors integrating them into their microcontroller offerings for IoT security,” stated Haydn Povey, CEO, Secure Thingz. “Together with Intrinsic ID, we will enable this critical capability to be integrated into a wide array of embedded systems to deliver protection of provisioned data, together with the creation of root keys.”

“We believe PUF technology is fundamental for the security of embedded applications in the IoT environment,” said Pim Tuyls, CEO, Intrinsic ID. “Secure Thingz is a key player in delivering solutions to secure the IoT and this partnership will enable and support an accelerated adoption of PUF technology, providing a key differentiator for delivering chain-of-trust implementation across the embedded marketplace.”

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