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ITechnology Interview with Daniel Graves, CTO at Delphix

ITechnology Interview with Daniel Graves, CTO at Delphix

“DevOps isn’t just a technology initiative, it’s an approach that can help companies innovate more quickly, fend off competitors, bring new products and services to market, and expand into new markets.”

Hi Dan, please tell us about the technology you handle at Delphix and how you started here?

I started at Delphix nearly 8 years ago to lead Product Management and build out the team and the end-to-end product lifecycle processes. Now as the CTO, one key focus is the integrations with our technology ecosystem. To support our growing set of use cases, we work with the cloud operators (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI and IBM), data source ISVs, as well as DevOps CI/CD tools, SRE, and ML technology partners.

What’s the most enticing thing about working in the DevOps industry today? What are the major challenges you solve for your customers through your data science expertise?

Helping companies leverage DevOps to transform their businesses into data companies. DevOps isn’t just a technology initiative, it’s an approach that can help companies innovate more quickly, fend off competitors, bring new products and services to market, and expand into new markets. It’s exciting to work on technologies that are so closely tied to initiatives with C-suite attention.

More and more, companies are leveraging DevOps approaches for ML initiatives. Teams need fast, iterative access to data to train and tune models, and they need access to the full enterprise data catalog, not just a thin slice that is predetermined and fed into data warehouses and lakes. Full programmable automation around the entire enterprise data estate unlocks the ability to build better models for better predictions.

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Tell us more about your various DevOps capabilities, designed specifically for customers looking to improve their data governance and compliance.

There are new privacy regulations emerging all the time, from GDPR to CCPA and all the variations in other jurisdictions. Delphix provides an API-first data platform enabling teams to find and mask sensitive data for compliance with these regulations. By integrating data masking with data delivery, Delphix Data Platform delivers compliant data in minutes for development, testing, cloud migration, and ML.

Data exfiltration and ransomware are critical issues for any data organization. How do you address these issues at Delphix?

Ransomware attacks target any business where a loss of a few days of operations or loss of even an hour’s data would be financially painful enough that paying the ransom can make business sense. Online retail giant Amazon boasts more than a billion dollars a day of revenue, and many others are in the tens and hundreds of millions, so there is a large bullseye on their online business.

But ransomware has exposed a major flaw in how enterprises protect data with traditional backup solutions. Backup was designed in another era, and has major flaws including time gaps, unacceptable restore times, undetected dwell times, and limited protection for data theft.

Businesses need to immediately assess their data protection strategy, and look for continuous data capture and provisioning, data isolation and tamper-proofing, and integration with DevOps tools for automated access to data and applications.

Businesses need to immediately assess their data strategy, and take a DevOps approach. They must focus on continuous protection with data immutability, continuous recovery with isolated environments, continuous detection to prevent long dwell times, and continuous compliance with automated data masking and provisioning.

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IT support and customization of services are the keys to adoption of any new technology. What kind of IT support do you offer to customers to ensure better customer experience and security on your platforms?

We offer a wide variety of services and support packages both directly and with partners. We also invest heavily in customer success to work together with our customers to get the best outcomes possible.

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Thank you, Daniel! That was fun and we hope to see you back on soon.

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Daniel is a software and cloud industry veteran of over 20 years. He is currently Chief Technology Officer at Delphix, responsible for strategy technology partnerships including AWS, GCP, IBM, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. Previously at Delphix, Daniel built the Product organization from the ground up, including Product Management, Product Marketing, Program Management, and Delphix Labs. Over his career, he has led product groups at a variety of leading technology firms including Symantec, NeXT / Apple, Sun Microsystems, NetDynamics, and Rockwell International’s AI labs.

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Delphix is the industry leading data company for DevOps.

Data is critical for testing application releases, modernization, cloud adoption, and AI/ML programs. We provide an automated DevOps data platform for all enterprise applications. Delphix masks data for privacy compliance, secures data from ransomware, and delivers efficient, virtualized data for CI/CD.

Our platform includes essential DevOps APIs for data provisioning, refresh, rewind, integration, and version control. Leading companies, including UKG, Choice Hotels, J.B. Hunt, and Fannie Mae, use Delphix to accelerate digital transformation.

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