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McObject and Lynx Software Technologies Team Up for the First COTS Hard Real-Time DBMS for Mission- and Safety-Critical Systems

McObject and Lynx Software Technologies Team Up for the First COTS Hard Real-Time DBMS for Mission- and Safety-Critical Systems
Now available for LynxOS-178® RTOS, eXtremeDB/rt is the only deterministic database system that guarantees transaction deadlines

McObject and Lynx Software Technologies announce the release of eXtremeDB/rt, the first and only commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) real-time database management system for embedded systems that works together with the RTOS to ensure that tasks complete within their CPU budgets and transaction deadlines.

A crucial distinction of a hard real-time system is it must complete tasks within the assigned CPU budget. But a conventional database system’s transaction has no time constraint, so a database transaction could commit but cause the task to exceed the CPU budget and be interrupted, causing the real-time system and the database to be incoherent. eXtremeDB/rt maintains the external and internal consistency of data by introducing time-cognizant transaction managers to eliminate this “impedance mismatch.”

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LynxOS-178 is a native POSIX, hard real-time partitioning operating system developed and certified to FAA DO-178B/C DAL A safety standards. It is the only COTS OS to be awarded a Reusable Software Component (RSC) certificate from the FAA for re-usability in DO-178B/C certification projects and has been deployed in millions of safety-critical applications worldwide, including multiple military and aerospace systems.

“We were delighted to work with McObject to bring eXtremeDB/rt to the LynxOS partner ecosystem. Our companies share the vision that real-time systems are becoming more sophisticated and consequently have to manage more complex data. eXtremeDB/rt fills a critical gap in the technology stack,” said Pavan Singh, vice president of product management, Lynx Software Technologies.

The combination of LynxOS and eXtremeDB/rt will be of interest to developers of real-time avionics, navigation, autonomous systems, railway systems as well as nuclear and energy systems.

Andrei Gorine, CTO of McObject, says “Lynx has led the market for years in providing LynxOS as a powerful, safety-critical RTOS.  The depth and breadth of applications in the market that require hard real-time capabilities is growing every day.  It’s clear that using our technologies together will provide a competitive solution for developers of mission- and safety-critical systems.”

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