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Texthelp Launches New EdTech Tool, OrbitNote, to Increase Accessibility in PDF Files

Texthelp Launches New EdTech Tool, OrbitNote, to Increase Accessibility in PDF Files
New web app makes PDF files more accessible for educators, students, and employees as schools and workplaces embrace digitalization
Company celebrates International Day of Education by helping millions of students around the world overcome accessibility barriers and showcase their unique strengths in the classroom

Texthelp, a global leader in literacy and accessibility technology, today announced the premium launch of OrbitNote, a web app that makes PDFs more accessible from right inside the document, including the ability to type, highlight, and leave voice memos on documents. OrbitNote will allow users to transform and interact with digital documents in a completely different way. Users will be able to create an accessible, dynamic, and collaborative space that works for everyone.

Today, Texthelp is also honoring International Day of Education, an international day of awareness to promote inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong opportunities for all. Texthelp is committed to helping users understand and be understood through the use of assistive technology tools and software.

This past year, Texthelp released data revealing that 90% of teachers had planned to use EdTech tools in the classroom this school year. With the rise in technology use, having access to tools that create an accessible experience for all users is highly valuable. Products like OrbitNote will promote collaboration, transparency, and communication among students and educators.+

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Key Benefits of OrbitNote:

  • Makes PDFs More Accessible and Actionable
    • OrbitNote ensures that students have access to the tools they need to succeed – such as text-to-speech, highlighting, and vocabulary support – across all class content. If a PDF is image-only or unreadable, OrbitNote has a built-in scanner that will find the text and read it aloud without having to leave the PDF.
  • Provides Multiple Ways to Demonstrate Knowledge and Give Feedback
    • OrbitNote allows students to express their understanding in multiple ways. Users can type or draw their thoughts on the page, or add shapes and images to their work. Users can also highlight the key points in a comprehension piece or when studying. In the classroom, both teachers and students can use their voices to share ideas and feedback.
  • Boosts Productivity, Connections, and Collaboration
    • Using OrbitNote allows for seamless student-teacher collaboration. For example, teachers are able to leave a quick voice note for students, providing feedback and identifying areas for improvement mid-project, rather than waiting for students to turn in the final piece. Students can use a range of tools to ask teachers for help and garner support before problems arise. Typical pen and paper projects can become digital spaces for working together, allowing collaboration between teachers and students, as well as group projects.

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OrbitNote works with Google Classroom and Schoology. In the coming months, Texthelp will expand support for more LMSs like Canvas and Brightspace. OrbitNote is also compatible with Texthelp’s Read&Write product, a literacy support tool, and EquatIO, a digital math tool. Users can try all of the features in OrbitNote for free for 30 days.

“We have seen education change drastically in the past two years. Many subjects and tasks that relied on pen and paper are now becoming digitized,” said Martin McKay, CEO and Founder of Texthelp. “I am excited for OrbitNote as it will help educators and students continue to collaborate in this new digital space. The tool will also be very helpful in regards to accessibility and eliminate barriers that often arise while using PDF files.”

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