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A Seamless Journey Made Possible by CRM Technologies

A Seamless Journey Made Possible by CRM Technologies

Simplify the System

Businesses have taken a hit in recent years due to the pandemic and priorities and strategies have shifted. The landscape has undergone momentous change and it is interesting to see how companies have adapted as a result. Those experiencing growth have put sophisticated CRM technologies at the forefront of their strategies. This must be a key focus for businesses looking to successfully sustain growth.

Many companies are still using outdated IT systems which in turn slows down work and makes simple tasks complex.

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A mixture of processes can lead to miscommunication and mistrust. Notably, sales, marketing, and customer service leaders – who are so integral to any business – struggle with dated internal systems, this then impacts both employees and the customer experience. Growth is only possible in an environment where the tech stack is simplified and seamless to navigate. Keeping this front of mind will assure excellent results.

Understand Customer Needs and Demands

Businesses can help meet constantly changing customer demands with CRM systems.

Using an organized, integrated and fully customizable system means easy adaptation to exactly what your business needs.

You need to understand what your customer needs to develop the right systems. Customer relationships are key to the growth of business and when using CRM technologies, data is better analyzed and gathered meaning you understand your customers’ needs and therefore act upon them. In a competitive field, business leaders and IT teams must work with a simplified tech stack. For example, web chats are a fantastic way to get to know your customer as well as using CRM for sales, emails, and calls. Simplifying the journey allows all involved to have a better experience meaning accelerated growth and an easy to navigate company.

Sustaining Growth Amongst Challenging Decisions

While it might seem necessary to use multiple applications for different tasks, this slows down your workforce overall and means that each one needs different updates and maintenance. Research from HubSpot shows the average marketer spends almost a third of their time completing repetitive tasks. It’s harder to meet the demands of customers when small activities become so time consuming.

Using an outdated system means every process performed becomes messy and chaotic. The consequences of using outdated systems are that a lot of precious time is lost amidst using these many tools. In fact, 82% of salespeople and marketers lose up to an hour a day managing tools, this is time that could be spent elsewhere and is a major consequence of older, more complex technologies.

Many companies state that they use around 1-5 technologies a day but through HubSpot’s research into websites it seems on average there are 13 tools being used at any one time. It is also easy to underestimate the number of tools you may be using day-to-day. Marketers have numerous different tools at their disposal and therefore it is difficult to keep track of what is being used for each task.

A Simplified Tech Stack for the Future

With changing patterns in consumer behavior and more need for efficiency and convenience, these tech stacks are completely outdated and are not suitable for today, let alone the future.

IT teams are unable to navigate these systems let alone business leaders. Running an audit on current technologies and what they are providing as well as what they are not will help companies work out where they need to improve and even where they could save money with alternative systems.

Taking these steps will ensure the process is made easier for all and salespeople and marketers will be able to work to a higher standard in a shorter amount of time while providing excellent experiences for those who matter most – the customers.

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