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GridGain Expands SaaS Portfolio, Makes GridGain Nebula Available to All Apache Ignite Users

GridGain Expands SaaS Portfolio, Makes GridGain Nebula Available to All Apache Ignite Users
Offers the most performant, reliable, secure and cost-effective way to run Ignite in production

 GridGain Systems, provider of enterprise-grade in-memory computing solutions powered by the Apache Ignite distributed database, announced that GridGain Nebula, the company’s pay-as-you-go, cloud-native in-memory computing service, is now available to all GridGain and Apache Ignite users. Previously, Nebula was available only to the world’s largest enterprises. GridGain Nebula, a SaaS solution, eliminates the complexity of configuring, provisioning, managing, optimizing and scaling the cutting-edge in-memory computing software. With Nebula, application developers can spend less time managing the environment and more time focused on building the high performance, highly scalable applications their companies need to innovate and grow.

GridGain Nebula is the second cloud-native SaaS product that GridGain has released in 2021. The first was GridGain Control Center, which enables administrators and DevOps engineers to streamline the troubleshooting, management and monitoring of their on-premises or cloud-based Ignite deployments. Both services are available through the GridGain Portal, a centralized location for all of GridGain’s cloud-native products.

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“As one of the co-creators of Apache Ignite, and having written its very first lines of code, l know how many days and nights it can take to develop a high-performing and scalable Ignite cloud deployment configuration,” said Nikita Ivanov, founder and CTO of GridGain. “GridGain Nebula was engineered to revolutionize this status quo. It enables software engineers to now focus most of their time on development and innovation.

Benefits of GridGain Nebula

The GridGain in-memory computing platform delivers unprecedented speed, massive scalability, and real-time data access for both legacy and greenfield applications. Deployed on a distributed cluster of commodity servers, GridGain software can reside between the application and data layers (RDBMS, NoSQL and Apache® Hadoop®), requiring no rip-and-replace of the existing databases, or it can be deployed as a distributed database for high performance computing with in-memory speed. The advantages of GridGain Nebula, the cloud-native SaaS-based version of the in-memory computing platform, include:

  • Focus on building highly performant, scalable apps, not on operations – GridGain provides Apache Ignite as a service so you can freely focus on the development of Ignite-powered solutions. Let the Nebula team manage and operate your clusters, including upgrading software, patching, monitoring, provisioning, recovering from outages and optimizing performance.
  • Keep coding with Apache Ignite APIs – As a company of software engineers, GridGain places a high value on freedom of choice. Nebula uses the same Ignite APIs so you can easily move from your self-managed Ignite instances to Nebula, and back again if ever required.
  • Achieve optimal performance and scale, and get actionable insights – The Nebula team constantly monitors and optimizes your clusters to proactively adapt to changing application loads and meet SLAs. Integrated monitoring lets you continuously track key metrics and get actionable insights.
  • Maintain high-availability anywhere, anytime – The Nebula team brings extensive experience and proven best practices to ensure round-the-clock availability of your applications. Rigorous backup and disaster bounce-back strategies prevent data losses and enable rapid recovery in the event of unplanned outages.
  • Save many days by deploying Apache Ignite cloud-natively – Launch your clusters in a matter of minutes to the cloud region of your choice. Our configuration wizard guides you to the best Ignite cloud deployment option for your needs.
  • Enable multi-cloud and hybrid architectures – Build multi-cloud and hybrid solutions that connect GridGain Nebula with your self-managed Ignite instances and other systems of records deployed anywhere. Store your data in the location of your choice and synchronize your clusters in real-time.

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