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MBB to Drive RAN Market Faster Than Expected On Track to Approach $250 B, According to Dell’Oro Group

MBB to Drive RAN Market Faster Than Expected – On Track to Approach $250 B, According to Dell’Oro Group

According to a newly published forecast report by Dell’Oro Group, the trusted source for market information about the telecommunications, networks, and data center IT industries, cumulative worldwide radio access network (RAN) revenues for the 2021-2026 period are projected to approach $250 B, reflecting improved 5G prospects.

“Even with the elevated baseline and risks surrounding the pandemic and the supply chain increasing, we believe that the RAN market will not only continue to trend upward over the near term, but we are also more optimistic about the long-term 5G prospects,” said Stefan Pongratz, Vice President and analyst with the Dell’Oro Group.

“The underlying dynamics have not changed but the role of mobile broadband is changing, which is spurring service providers, enterprises, and governments to prioritize connectivity. It is unlikely that the current level of growth is sustainable, and total RAN investments will undoubtedly slow after the peak MBB phase just as it has with other technology rollouts. But the upside, with enterprises and government stimulus coupled with the increased number of 5G networks to support MBB, will curb the downside somewhat and extend the longevity of the 5G cycle,” continued Pongratz.

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Other highlights from the Mobile RAN 5-Year Forecast Report:
RAN excluding China is projected to grow while the Chinese RAN market is expected to peak in 2021/2022 before decelerating in the outer part of the forecast period.
The sub-6 GHz spectrum continues to deliver the most compelling RAN economics. But the outlook for mmWave 5G NR remains favorable – the total mmWave market is projected to advance 3-fold between 2020 and 2026.
Global Massive MIMO growth prospects are expected to slow somewhat, reflecting challenging comparisons in some of the advanced Massive MIMO markets.
Small cell RAN revenues are projected to grow at a 5 percent CAGR, underpinned by healthy 5G growth.

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