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Move Digital Positions Itself to be Leading Advisory Firm for Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

Move Digital Positions Itself to be Leading Advisory Firm for Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

Value is continuing to shift towards the digital world and distributed ledger technology (DLT) is accounting for a growing share of this world. DLT and blockchain technology embeds unique properties into data management and data transfer networks.

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Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly relevant for enterprises. With cyberattacks on the rise and company IP becoming more and more valuable, the distributed nature of blockchain technology and the higher cost to manipulate such systems are becoming increasingly necessary for companies of all sizes.

Move Digital is positioning itself to be a leading advisory company for streamlining the adoption of DLT by enterprises. Move Digital helps enterprises design and implement holistic DLT solutions that radically improve their operations and processes.

Enterprises that work with Move Digital undergo a four-step implementation process that assists them in adopting DLT solutions that address pressing problems within their business. Move Digital has worked with eclectic enterprises to implement DLT solutions in the fields of supply chain, digital payments, digital identity, and digital security.

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Move Digital is led by Kristof Schoeffling. Kristof Schoeffling is a serial entrepreneur who has established, built and sold well known, highly sophisticated enterprises in various niches of the digital world including online retail shops, online gaming and data acquisition. He’s regularly featured on well-known news outlets like Bloomberg, Forbes and Yahoo.

Kristof Schöffling transitioned full-time to Move Digital where he will help enterprises improve and secure their operations. Kristof Schöffling brings a versatile skill set to Move Digital, with vast experiences in areas such as project management, online marketing, corporate takeovers and a unique, eight-year long track record in distributed ledger technology.

Enterprises under the strategic guidance of Move Digital will have access to an expert team that has years of experience operating on the frontier of DLT innovation. Such enterprises can radically improve their market position by implementing DLT solutions in strategic and impactful ways.

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