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Nubeva Announces Third-Party Validation Of Its Upcoming Ransomware Reversal Solution

Nubeva Announces Third-Party Validation Of Its Upcoming Ransomware Reversal Solution
Extended Third-Party Testing Confirms Software is Effective For 96% of Ransomware Tested

Nubeva Technologies, a developer of B2B ransomware and network decryption software solutions, announces positive results from third-party testing on new Ransomware Reversal technology.

The findings validate previous claims that Nubeva can intercept encryption keys and decrypt (reverse) ransomware 96.84% of the time. Over four weeks, tests were conducted against thousands of random ransomware samples never seen by Nubeva. The samples came from both active and legacy families of malicious software, including Conti, Lockbit, Pysa, Haron, AvosLocker. The test group included cybersecurity manufacturers, managed security service providers, and end-users.PREDICTIONS SERIES 2022

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“This is big news. This third-party validation backs up the numbers that we have been reporting from internal testing,” said Steve Perkins, CMO and Head of Product at Nubeva. “If we can neutralize 97% or more of today’s ransomware and provide an instant data recovery option, we are in the position to make a huge impact. And based on the findings, we feel confident that with the further tune of our solution towards 99% efficacy.”

Nubeva announced in September 2021 that it has successfully adapted its patented and award-winning SKI technology to decrypt and recover from ransomware attacks. The SKI software runs on a computer and can learn and intercept copies of encryption keys utilized in a ransomware attack. With keys in hand, Nubeva provides a simple, efficient decryption capability to instantly reverse the attack, restore data, and get back to normal operations. Nubeva has been licensing SKI to the cybersecurity industry for years to allow lawful inspection of encrypted network traffic.

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