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HackerU Acquires Cybint, Creating A Global Education Group To Help Close The Worldwide Digital Skills Gap

HackerU Acquires Cybint, Creating A Global Education Group To Help Close The Worldwide Digital Skills Gap

HackerU adds global SaaS cyber education company Cybint to its portfolio, and rebrands itself as ThriveDX, highlighting its mission to arm workforce with the skills they need to thrive in the digital transformation era

HackerU, a leading global educational technology company specializing in cybersecurity and other digital skills programs, announced the acquisition of Cybint, a global SaaS-based cyber education company. This acquisition not only grows HackerU’s geographic footprint, but also expands and scales up the company’s B2B offerings to reskill and upskill learners along all points in their career. It paves the way for the company’s future growth as it works to join the ranks of education unicorns and rebrands itself as ThriveDX to put the spotlight on its core mission of helping prepare the workforce for digital transformation.

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The global need for cybersecurity expertise is overwhelming. According to (ISC2), about 3.1 million cybersecurity vacancies were left unfilled in 2020,[1] with 63% of corporations reporting their employees are underqualified in cybersecurity.[2] At the same time, the pandemic ushered in a dramatic uptick in cybercrime,[3] with hackers making use of the digital transformation accelerated by lockdowns, leaving companies even more desperate to hire qualified cybersecurity professionals.

HackerU has been working to close this gap by providing digital workforce training to students, post-graduate professionals, and the community in the U.S., Europe and Asia exclusively through partnerships with top-tier universities. The Cybint acquisition enables HackerU to scale and expand its digital skills training programs to enterprises in need of in-house corporate education through the use of Cybint’s specialized proprietary SaaS technology platform for the enterprise client, while also expanding its distribution capabilities through its current partners globally. The two companies will collaborate to make digital skills and careers more accessible to learners around the globe.

“Now is the time to further our mission of transforming lives by preparing people for the digital careers of tomorrow. We are proud to welcome the amazing Cybint team and their incredible portfolio of experience to the HackerU, now ThriveDX, family,” said Dan Vigdor, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of HackerU. “The combination of our two companies’ positions the new ThriveDX group as the category leader worldwide and solidifies our ability to reskill and upskill individuals at any stage of their professional life.”

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“We are excited to join forces with HackerU in expanding ThriveDX, reskilling the workforce and upskilling the industry globally,” said Roy Zur, Founder and CEO of Cybint. “The Cybint team will support HackerU by signing additional partnerships and accelerating the development of software as a service (SaaS) training solutions with a strong emphasis on corporate training and cybersecurity education solutions globally.”

The new brand, ThriveDX, emphasizes the company’s core mission to help individuals thrive in the digital economy. By fostering new partnerships and acquisitions, the company looks to build up a solid portfolio of edtech disruptors globally. Its core team will continue to partner with elite universities in the U.S. and other leading countries to answer the challenges the world is facing in digital transformation.

“The name ThriveDX captures our vision of transforming lives globally through digital transformation and empowering individuals to evolve and thrive in the digital economy,” said Dan Vigdor. “The pandemic accelerated a huge transformation across the global workforce, leaving companies in dire need of workers with specific skills — and job candidates in need of training. Our expanded offerings are designed to upskill and reskill the workforce with the in-demand skills employers need.”

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