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Keeper Security Celebrates Cybersecurity Awareness Month By Rolling Out A New Cyberthreat Resource Center

Keeper Security Celebrates Cybersecurity Awareness Month By Rolling Out A New Cyberthreat Resource Center

Keeper Security, the leading provider of zero-knowledge security and encryption software covering password management, dark web monitoring, digital file storage and messaging, is supporting Cybersecurity Awareness Month by launching its own cyberthreat resource center.

The one-stop resource center educates users on the most prevalent cyberthreats facing consumers and organizations today and why securing all passwords is the best defense against them. The resource center will feature detailed guides on the most common attacks, including everything from password spraying to supply chain attacks and how to avoid them.

“Cybersecurity awareness is more important than ever in 2021, given the sheer amount of cyberattacks that have hit industries across the world,” said Darren Guccione, CEO and Co-founder of Keeper Security. “These attacks, such as ransomware, continue wreaking havoc on organizations of all sizes – it’s not a question of will a company get hit with a cyberattack, but when. Knowledge is the foundation of preparedness. Keeper’s cyberthreat resource center is a one-stop shop to help protect yourself, your family and your business.”

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The Crippling Effects of Ransomware

2021 has showcased the ceaseless wrath of ransomware attacks – Oldsmar, Colonial Pipeline and JBS only scratch the surface of the impact ransomware has had. Findings from Keeper’s 2021 Ransomware Impact Report suggested that there is some work to be done around educating employees on the threat of ransomware – nearly one third had never heard the word “ransomware” before their company was attacked. What’s more is that organizations are feeling the burn – 64% of employees felt that the ransomware attack had a negative impact on their organization’s reputation.

Join Keeper CEO and Co-Founder Darren Guccione and global cybersecurity expert Dr. Eric Cole as they dissect the results of the Keeper Ransomware Impact Report and unveil proactive steps that IT and business leaders can take to prevent their organizations from falling victim during a live webinar.

In support of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Keeper encourages individuals and organizations alike to follow these tips:

  • Use an Enterprise Password Management (EPM) platform. To eliminate password clutter, use a robust password manager to protect all of your passwords and 2FA codes in a secure digital vault that only you can access from your device.
  • Use two-factor authentication (2FA) on all devices and accounts that support it. If a password is stolen in a data breach and put up for sale on the Dark Web, cybercriminals can still access your passwords. With 2FA in place, even if a cybercriminal gets hold of a password, they won’t be able to access the account without the second factor.
  • Avoid phishing scams by not clicking on any emails you don’t recognize. Cybercriminals today will try and prey off of a distracted and dispersed workforce, so be vigilant about what links and attachments you engage with.
  • Make cybersecurity education a priority. Securing your digital footprint can no longer go on the back-burner. Inform yourself on the different types of threats and risks involved with cybercrime and begin taking active steps in prevention across all your personal, work, and educational devices.

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Throughout the month of October, Keeper will also be sharing tips and education on social media and will be hosting a series of live stream interviews with global cybersecurity experts and thought leaders on LinkedIn, which will cover:

  • Preparing eCommerce cybersecurity for the holiday shopping season
  • How the public sector should execute on cybersecurity policy and mandates
  • The cybersecurity implications of social media

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