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Semperis Extends Hybrid Identity Protection with Cyberattack Recovery Capabilities for Azure Active Directory

Semperis Extends Hybrid Identity Protection with Cyberattack Recovery Capabilities for Azure Active Directory
Semperis’ Directory Services Protector Recovery for Azure Active Directory helps organizations with hybrid identity environments recover business-critical Azure AD resources after a cyberattack

Semperis, the pioneer of identity-driven cyber resilience for enterprises, announced Directory Services Protector Recovery for Azure Active Directory, a SaaS-based solution for backup and recovery of Azure Active Directory (AD) resources—user, group, and role objects—that enable access to critical business resources. DSP Recovery gives organizations flexibility and control over their hybrid identity environment so they can quickly recover business operations after a cyberattack.

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DSP Recovery builds on Semperis’ comprehensive Directory Services Protector for Azure AD platform, which includes change tracking across on-premises AD and Azure AD in a single view and provides Azure AD security indicators that are continuously updated by the Semperis research team to address emerging threats. As seen in the SolarWinds attack and others, threat actors target hybrid identity systems by abusing the trust relationships between cloud providers and their customers to move laterally, gain administrator privileges, and launch an attack.

DSP Recovery addresses a commonly overlooked disaster recovery planning scenario in a hybrid identity environment—accidental or malicious activity that compromises the Azure AD resources that are essential to running the business but are outside the identity service provider’s purview.

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“As the authentication service for Microsoft 365 and other applications that modern organizations rely on, Azure AD contains specific objects that are not being replicated in on-premises AD,” said Mickey Bresman, Semperis CEO. “In the event of a sabotage, the responsibility for protecting those Azure AD resources—which are required to get the business running again— falls squarely on the customer. Organizations with hybrid identity systems need a recovery strategy that is specific to Azure AD. DSP Recovery provides a flexible, SaaS-based solution that gives organizations complete control over their Azure AD resources so they can develop a sound, tested recovery plan.”

DSP Recovery enables backup and recovery of critical Azure AD objects, allows restoration of individual assets for a selected object, and seamlessly handles data encryption.

“Directory Services Protector Recovery for Azure Active Directory can save an organization from losing all their essential Azure resources in a malicious attack,” said Darren Mar-Elia, Semperis VP of Products. “Without these assets, you can’t run your business because no one would be able to access applications or services. Having a tested plan for recovering Azure AD resources after a cyberattack is an essential part of restoring your business operations.”

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