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Zero Trust is Expected to Double the Efficacy of Cybersecurity Protections

Zero Trust is Expected to Double the Efficacy of Cybersecurity Protections
Key Findings from Osterman Research Confirm Zero Trust is a Top-5 Business Priority

Symmetry Systems, the leading provider of cloud data security, released a new report, “Why Zero Trust is Important.” Conducted by Osterman Research, the study details how organizations are deploying zero trust architecture. More than 90 percent of respondents confirm their organization is planning an enterprise-wide deployment for a zero trust architecture or within multiple business units.

“Zero Trust principles protect enterprises’ most valuable assets — today, their people and, with Symmetry, their data. Zero trust for data means that all data objects are guarded and monitored across their data lakes and production data stores,” said Mohit Tiwari, Co-Founder and CEO, Symmetry Systems. “Attacks will come, through phished identities, compromised applications, malicious insiders or supply-chain software, and when they do, Zero Trust for data will ensure that authorization and risk-analyses drive attackers into a corner.”PREDICTIONS SERIES 2022

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The report reveals that respondents expect zero trust to double the efficacy of their cybersecurity protections and consider deploying the architecture to be a top-5 business priority. Other key findings include:

  • 73 percent of respondents are focused on identity and access management (IAM) for employees as the key design modification for zero trust’s.
  • 55 percent of respondents express that dealing with limitations in legacy systems is their top barrier against embracing zero trust’s.
  • 53 percent of respondents cite high-profile ransomware incidents as the top motivator for integrating zero trust’s, closely followed by remote (51 percent) and hybrid (45 percent) work models.

“Today’s threat environment is drastically different from what we have experienced even in recent years – with relentless cyberattacks, the adoption of cloud services and mass remote or hybrid work,” said Michael Sampson, Senior Analyst at Osterman Research. “Many organizations have begun the transition to a zero trust’s architecture and those who have not are behind the curve.”

Martijn Loderus, VP of Solution Engineering & Delivery at Symmetry System, adds, “Our clients value that Symmetry Systems brings zero trust’s to data by measuring data objects’ risk based on the permissions and accesses in place. We then execute controls and remediation efforts on the data with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that is capable of mitigating data risk across an entire organization.”

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