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VMware Unveils vSphere+ and vSAN+ to Simplify Operations with Centralized Infrastructure Management, Increase Developer Velocity

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VMware, Inc. unveiled VMware vSphere+ and VMware vSAN+ to help organizations bring the benefits of the cloud to their existing on-premises infrastructure with no disruption...
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Zscaler and AWS Expand Relationship Enabling Customers to Accelerate Onramp to the Cloud with Zero Trust Security

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Zscaler’s New Posture Control CNAPP Offering Built on AWS Enables Security and DevOps Teams to Efficiently Prioritize and Remediate Hidden Risks Across Cloud Applications Zscaler,...
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NFINIT Invests $8 Million in Cloud Infrastructure and Data Center Upgrades to Boost Energy Efficiency by 20% and Maintain Uptime Excellence

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NFINIT, a LightEdge company, is undergoing an $8 million upgrade across its two San Diego data centers to boost energy efficiency and critical infrastructure reliability. As part of this upgrade,...