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Linux Foundation Rewards StepSecurity’s Impact on CI/CD Pipeline Security Fixes for Critical Open Source Projects

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The Linux Foundation’s Secure Open Source (SOS) Rewards recognized StepSecurity’s impact for remediating CI/CD pipelines to comply with security requirements using its SecureWorkflows open source project Security attacks...
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Linux Foundation Announces New Project “CAMARA The Telco Global API Alliance” with Global Industry Ecosystem

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Open source project to address industry API interoperability leveragingGSMA OPGrequirements and Linux Foundation’s Developer Ecosystem The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through...
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New Linux Foundation Project Accelerates Collaboration on Container Systems Between Enterprise and High-Performance Computing Environments

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Formerly Singularity, the newly named Apptainer project delivers a feature set that supports both application and microservice use cases The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization...